Article submitted by J & J GameFowl
21 Day Keep

This keep has done real good for us, we hope it'll do as well for you. We also own Judy's Gamefowl Supplies. All keep aids can be purchased with whoever you do business with. We make no gaurentee how this keep will work for you. We do not change their feed. We will add to it as stated in keep. We rotate from flypen ,to square pen,to round pen not nescessarily in that order. Keep fresh water in front of them thru entire keep !!!!!!!! We do use Amino-Plex 5000 or Pro-Perfomance in their water everyday of the keep. This can be alot of work if you work, but if your family helps it can be done. You can add or subtract whatever you want as we do too!!!!! We have raised and fought birds for over 20 years and have used this method for the last 3 years and are very happy with it. We fight mostly gaff, but have found this to also work well with L/K and the S/K. Our birds have come off the line cutting like they never have before and we hope yours will too. The best thing is you did not have to buy this keep. Good Luck!!!!!  

Day 1
Give 1/2cc Tylan 50, wipe legs and face with VetRx, De-Worm your fowl, rub down and put in flypen. Do Not Feed This Day ! Give 1cc B-Complex or 1 tab of same.  

Day 2
Spar fowl, then rub down and move to a different pen. Move birds 3 times everyday till stated otherwise. Feed however you normally would. You may add fruit at any given time thru entire keep. We give a taste of something with every move.  

Day 3
Move 3 times, rub down, give 3 flirts during first move.  

Day 4
Repeat day 3.  

Day 5
Repeat day 3. Give them time with a hen.  

Day 6
Repeat day 3.  

Day 7
Spar first thing. Give 1 Amino-Plex tab. Repeat day 3.  

Day 8
Give 1 Amino-Plex tab. 1 B-15 tab. Repeat day 3.  

Day 9
Repeat day 8.  

Day 10
Repeat day 8 and give them time with a hen.  

Day 11
Repeat day 3.  

Day 12
Repeat day 3.  

Day 13
Repeat day 3.  

Day 14
Spar first thing. Repeat day 8.  

Day 15
Repeat day 8.  

Day 16
Repeat day 8.  

Day 17
Repeat day 3.  

Day 18
Repeat day 3.  

Day 19
REST! Now use your rest stalls in your cockhouse and rest your birds. We give 1 Amino-Plex, 1 B-15 Tab, and Alfalfa. You can use Alfalfa powder or tabs or the hay itself. We start feeding a Buttermilk soaked on bread and raisins, give 1 teaspoon in morning then 1/2 of their regular feed in evening. Drop your birds out every 8 hours.  

Day 20
Repeat day 19. Except for feed. Feed 1 teaspoon of Buttermilk feed in morning and at noon then about 1/4 of their regular feed in evening. Drop your birds out every 6 hours.  

Day 21 - Fight Day
Feed nothing but Buttermilk feed on this day. Drop your birds out every 4 hours till you arrive at pit. Give 1 Amino-Plex tab, 1 B-15 tab before you leave for pit.

Remember this is all basic. Use common sense on any adjustments or any extra vitamins you may want to give. If you are traveling far to the pit you will have to make adjustments on the last 3 days. The last 3 days described here is if you are close to a pit like 2 hours or less! I did not give directions for B-12 or anything else cause everyone is different and a certain situation may call for you to make adjustments, so feel free to add or subtract anything you want. I again stress that this is our basic keep and we also have to make adjustments from time to time depending on climate, traveling, etc...... Good Luck and if you have any questions please just ask.