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Old 03-25-2012, 04:32 PM
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Looking for some particular breeds and new contacts.

I raised gamefowl for 6 years; until I was 19 and had to move and go to school. I'm a well informed rooster man. I did very well when I was doing it before. It got in my blood. Heart and soul!

I'm looking for these breeds, some for looks and some for good bloodline.

Greys- Buttermilk, all black and white and green or blue legs. No red.

Hatch- Green legs. Speck or Red.

Sweaters- Dink Fair, 5000 line, or any winning line.

Roundheads- Gilliam were the best I ever saw!!!

Black Shamo- mine came from Terry Sitsler. (AMAZING)

Asils- Terry Sitsler again.

Blues- I want some of the darker or black blues. I've only ever had one and I want more of them for their beauty.

Brownreds- Straight comb angry looking dark birds.

I want the best or I want suggestions on where to find the best. I don't care if they swear I can't have a feather of them.

I'm talking about, I'd die just to have ONE bird, male or female, types of chickens.

Joey- 678-481-2552
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