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JUST A NOTE : I have been breeding the Peruvians Birds for over 35 years i Have sold all of you threw Dean Noel from Arizona as he was just helping me, this guy dos not have a clue idea about game cock and he was selling eggs from doves and layen hens in ebay before he meet he still dose, he set me up with many problems as many know, I OWEN THE CHICKEN FARM AND I OWEN THE PERUVIAN BIRDS. and i have the experience breeding this birds, also i have been using the American cock to improve a better bird cross, i have travel threw Mexico and Peru and i am still breeding in Peru.. DEAN NOEL Do sent represent Arizona Peruvian game farm he was only my help .this guy is not to trust . after stilling my eggs and birds now he has lied to many of you saying that he owns the Farm, he use my name in vain to talk down my reputation, ASKING HIM SOME CHICKEN QUESTIONS???? and you will find out the true!!! he still has a hard time seen the difference between a pure and a cross i invite you to come to my FARM to visit me and have some chicken talk and see my new crosses! . He told me never to let them see the farm because many of you will still my birds, but the true come out why he dind want anyone here...everyone is invited to my farm at any time any questions just call me..all the birds he has are stolen and he do sent now what they are!! thanks Ron

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