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Hello to all of you , Yes I am Ron, as anyone who immigrate to the USA and special from Peru , we get into the hard work mode and for sure i did not have time to give to sale my birds , I am very happy just breeding and coming up with great infusions on my Peruvian blood line, i do this for the love to my passion on the birds, i Dedicated mi studied to generics and i have studies many of the American blood lines , payed a lot of money for a bird that i like... due to the lack of time this Guy DEAN NOEL from chandler az as he needed a place to race his doves and bat-ans and quails i provided him with a space in my farm since i fell sorry for him that the city and his neighbor where given him problems, always helping a fellow cocker!!!! , but this guy plain flat stole my birds and trust and now he is selling some of them... don't worry i got a BIG lawsuit on him. also he doesn't know what he is selling since he cant distinguish a cross from a pure, a hen from a rooster! Yes he is still en my Web page and he just cant provide me my password .. the court will take care of him. HE TRULY SCREWED UP with some of my costumer and dashes my name, and i was not aware what was going on til now. so if I owe an apology to any one sorry! please contact me and i will make it right. Now about my birds YES they are doing well in the filliping Vietnam and many other places..dont need to Bragg but cant keep bird in my farm! their plenty video in the net and they won many show in many places. I was requested to write an article for some Peruvian game fowl magazine and also invited to see some of the big shows over their..
Sincerely Ron any question 480-577-1025 Thanks

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