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Originally Posted by WIN-SOME-LOOSE-LESS View Post
been out of the game now for three years.. looking to get back in and everything thing is gone... if anyone could shead some light on whats going on... all the old sites i used to use are gone, this site is dead. determined to come back took me away from the gamefowl life.. wont let it happen again. looks like i missed alot....

Just in case you are ARA, the main ingredient and purpose is still very much alive and well, you just can't find it as easy as you used to.... Quite honestly, internet convenience had alot to do with the magazine downfall. So, don't get your hopes up yet, we are still very much in this fight.... This site is dead? Are you kidding, no better or faster place to get good info or a debate started than here.....

Thanks and good luck to you too.....

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