GameRooster.Com Disease Diagnostics Aid

Vitamin Deficiency


( Health Care )

Vitamin A : 
Decreased growth, production ataxia (muscles uncoordinated). Night blindness. Embryos die at second and third day of incubation. Xerophthalmia (tearing of eye, cornea becomes softened). 

Vitamin D :
Soft, spongy beaks and bones. Poor egg quality, thin shells, rickets in young birds. 

Vitamin E : 
Low hatchability. Embryos die at fourth day of incubation. Degeneration of muscles. 

Vitamin K :

Hemorrhages in body cavity. Thin blood, poor clotting. 

Riboflavin :

In young: slipped sciatic nerve. Flabby muscles. Crippled legs, feet. Sprattled legs, walk on hocks. Club down on dead embryos. Old birds: dry skin, refusal to walk, decreased production. 

Niacin :

Poor feathering, bowed legs, twisted legs, enlarged hock joints. Dermatitis. 

Thiamine : 

Unsteady gate, weak legs. Pantothenic Acid Scab-like lesions on corners of beak, on feet. Broken feathers, dermatitis, large liver, yellow liver. 

Biotin :

Embryos, shortened long bones, webbing between toes, parrot beak, deaths at 7 days or 3 days before hatching. Adults dermatitis on feet around eyes and beak.